Gerolamo Scaccabarozzi was born in Missaglia, a small town north of Milan, and has operated as an artist for over 35 years. His art exhibitions have been displayed in various cities throughout Italy: Como, Milano, Lecco, Vigevano, Desenzano,  Rovereto,  Modena,  Sirmione,  San Remo, Monza, Firenze, Caserta, Brescia, Pesaro, Paestum, Salerno. Among the several media which have shown interest for his artistic activity, we find RAI 3, Radio RAI 2, Tele Unica, Canale Italia, Canale 11, Radio Italia, Radio Zeta, La Notte, Stop, Il Giornale di Merate, La Provincia di Lecco, Il Giorno, Jesus, Famiglia Cristiana and others. He is  the    Artistic Director of ‘La bottega dell’Arte’ school of  drawing, painting and sculpture, and Honorary President of  the French artistic association ‘L’Atelier d’Art’, founded in Paris in 1992. He is very well know abroad, and has exhibited in Basel, Genève and Luigano (Switzerland) and in Breda (Netherlands). He is especially appreciated in France, which he considers his  second  home, and which has always shown great interest in him. In fact, he has been invited to exhibit his artwork in the sacred temples of French culture, such as the Olympia theatre during the concerts of his friend Gilbert Becaud, the legendary Grand Palais and in the main banks such as the Banque Nationale de Paris and the Crédit Industriel de l’Ouest, or in the prestigious halls of societies like Pernod and Ricard. The well-known patron Paul Ricard has been an admirer of Gerry and a collector of his works. Gerry also exhibited in culture centres and in the most important art galleries of Paris,Versailles, Strasbourg, Dijon,Mont S. Michel,Fougères, Bretagne, Blois, Tours, Valançay, Troyes, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille. To him and to his artwork great space has been dedicated on the main television broadcasting stations of France like Antenne 2 and TF3 and on the most authoritative newspaper like Nouvelle République Alsacien, la Revue International  Gunnar, Var  Matin, Paris Cote d’Azur,  Le Figaro.  Russia  as well,since a few years, is very much interested in the artwork of Gerry. In 1987, on invitation of the Soviet Consulate of Milan he took part in Moscow to the exhibition ‘Artists for Peace’ at the Mastera Culturi Zamir, while in 1995 he exhibited at the Kremlin riding track, an experience repeated in 1996 together with the Leonardo da Vinci machines exhibit. The Russian television dedicated him a report in the national tv news. The Moscow Courier and the authoritative  Izvestia  wrote  about   him.  In 1997,  officially invited by the Moscow town council, Gerry exhibited at the European Home during the celebrations for the 850° anniversary of the foundation of the city. The main authorities of the city were present to the inauguration ceremony. The influential radio ‘The Voice of Russia’, broadcasting in 32 languages all over the world, dedicated him in 1997, 1998 and 2000 three important interviews by the journalist and director Doctor Alexandre Prokhorov. The 5 July 2000 Gerry personally presented His Holiness John Paul II with His portrait, he painted under the title ‘The Eternal Spring’.


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