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  • Enoxaparin Sodium
    CAS No.: 679809-58-6 (Low molecular weight heparin)

    Short Description:

    Source: Extracted from porcine intestinal mucosa and degraded by β-elimination method.

    Function and use: By inhibiting coagulation active factor X (FXa) and thrombin (FIIa), heparin pentose structure binds AT-III (antithrombin III), and exerts anticoagulant effect.
    Enoxaparin sodium prevents venous thromboembolic disease (prevention of thrombosis in the veins), especially those associated with orthopaedic or general surgery; treats established deep vein thrombosis, with or without pulmonary embolism, clinical Symptoms are not severe, excluding pulmonary embolism requiring surgery or thrombolytic therapy; treatment of unstable angina pectoris and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction, in combination with aspirin; used in hemodialysis cardiopulmonary bypass to prevent thrombosis; treatment of acute ST segment Elevated myocardial infarction, combined with thrombolytics or concurrently with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).



    Product Detail

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    Enoxaparin Sodium
    Source Intestinal mucosa of pigs
    Quality standard






    white or almost white;?hygroscopic powder


    freely soluble in water
    identification The spectra exhibit maxima at 231±2nm The 13C NMR spectrum obtained is similar to that obtained with the appropriate specific Enoxaparin sodium CRS
    The spectra are similar 15 -25 % bearing the 1,6-anhydro structure at the reducing end of their chain
    Anti- Xa activity/?anti-?IIa?: 3.3-5.3 Anti- Xa activity/?anti-?IIa?: 3.3-5.3
    Mw :?3800?-5000Da, M≤2000?:?12.0%-20.0%,???????????????????????????????M≥8000:NMT 18.0%, M2000-8000:68.0%-82.0% Mw :?3800?-5000Da, M≤2000?:?12.0%-20.0%,???????????????????????????????M≥8000:NMT 18.0%, M2000-8000:68.0%-82.0%
    Meets the requirements for Sodium Content It complies with the test for sodium
    Appearance of solution / clear;NMT: intensity?6
    Specific Absorbance 14.0-20.0 (on the dried basis) 14.0-20.0 (on the dried basis),determined at 231nm
    pH 6.2-7.7 6.2-7.7
    Benzyl alcohol ≤?0.1% ≤?0.1%
    Molar ratio of Sulfate carboxylate ≥?1.8 ≥?1.8
    Nitrogen 1.8?%-2.5 %?(on the dried basis) 1.5 %-2.5 %?(on the dried basis)
    Sodium 11.3%?-13.5%?(on the dried basis) 11.3%?-13.5%?(on the dried basis)
    Loss on drying ≤?10.0% ≤?10.0%
    Bacterial endotoxins <0.01EU/U <0.01EU/IU
    Assay Anti- Xa activity 90-125 IU/mg (on the dried basis) 90-125 IU/mg (on the dried basis)
    Anti- IIa activity 20-35 IU/mg (on the dried basis) 20-35 IU/mg (on the dried basis)

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